Month: January 2020

A Package Deal for Incorporation

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I was very happy to have one company handle my own company incorporation in Singapore. I love having my own business, but I don’t like all the red tape and paperwork that is involved. My partner is the one who suggested we use this incorporation company for a number of reasons. The main one is because of the value we get from it. We paid for the Optimise Starter, which came in under what we had budgeted for all the services combined. It told us right on the website that we were getting nearly $4,000 of services for a discounted price of just $1,900. That is over half off!

The first thing we got with this was the incorporation of our business. We also got a business profile with ACRA and a company constitution. We got assistance in opening up accounts and preparing documents, both of which we could have done on our own but we were very grateful to have the assistance. Those were all things that were done at the start of this relationship. We also received services that will last us for two full years, which is where the savings really come into play.

We get two years of company secretary services. This alone is worth what we paid because of the value of what a company secretary brings to the table. We also get help with our financial statements and taxes for the first year. With what we get, it was just too good of a deal for us to pass up. We get other perks that were not even listed on the chart of services we were acquiring. Probably the most valuable one is that we are able to get the help we need on holidays, since those are major work days for both of us.

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