{Efforts Towards Copyright Policy in China

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Due to plagiarism and infringement of pieces of work in literature; music; drama; art; sound recording; architectural design and government work, copyright policies are much stressed upon all over the world. But some authors and publishers have been surprised by the unlawful reproduction of their copyrighted works. Big stories from famous authors were pirated by the container loads and distributed all over the world. China is facing a major issue concerning piracy perhaps because most of the books are being printed and published there. This violation of the copyright law became a very serious problem when all the books on The New York Times bestseller list were produced by a pirating publisher into thousands of copies and distributed throughout the world before the original work could come to the market. Even the United State had many such pirated copies in its own markets. China is taking desperate measures to stop this infringement on their account by burning any pirated DVDs, books or magazine that they find in their country.

It has been reported by Barbara Demick in Los Angeles Times that a large number of such alleged work was found and burnt in Beijing on a big scale. Though, it seems like a big waste of money and time at the moment, but this daring act will probably have better effects in the long run in discouraging plagiarism. The National Copyright Administration has been established in China to ensure the security of original pieces. The Government of China wants everyone around the world to know about their steps to eliminate this problem of piracy. These measures will make traders and investors around the world working with China more secure about their businesses, as their growing concern was the increasing violation of copyright law in China. This will also protect China’s local products which are often copied by other countries and are causing them a big loss.

The matter here needed quick measures as piracy was not only affecting the country’s foreign investors but also its local market. China is putting in a great effort to eliminate this menace from not only the country itself but also the rest of the world. It has joined hands with the other countries to ensure observing the copyright law better. Critics believe it is only a drop in the ocean compared to tons of pirated copies distributed all over. At least the effort has started somewhere.

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