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The Success of Blackjack Among the Attractions of Online Gaming in 2020

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The game of blackjack, which is part of pkv games, was developed on some simple rules, which nevertheless constitute the backbone on which all its possible variations are based, which amount to more than a hundred, even if the best known and most practiced do not exceed a dozen. The basic rules tell us that you have to beat the dealer, in a classic player versus player game, which in fact makes online blackjack one of the most popular games of the moment, as it is similar to baccarat, but different from poker, to which it is erroneously and by associated convention, as a French card game, known and known in live and digital casino environments. Today’s success of blackjack is linked to its predisposition to be practiced and developed in any context and situation, given that it is a much faster and optimal attraction, to be practiced in a digital version, through a mobile device such as a smartphone or an iPad. The secret of the success of blackjack through the latest generation of digital casinos, therefore, is given by the possibility of being practiced, in the same way as a game like roulette or video poker, with more codified rules and structures that make it stimulating to practice, as there are statistical and applied mathematical strategies behind it, which only classic poker and the spectacular variant of Texas Hold’Em have in common and as a yardstick. The players who usually practice blackjack, for a matter of skills, do not play other games, to have a greater vision of how to practice this type of casino game. Today the success of blackjack is surpassing any other classic online casino game, at a time when the market shows an evident decline for poker rooms, both in the cash poker version and in the tournament poker version. Instead, the number of players and casinos that specialize and focus on the game of blackjack is growing. The success of blackjack, we can say that it has been constant, lasting and characterized by a change of guard, as regards the speech related to online gaming, given that for a long time there has been talk exclusively of poker, in all its possible variations, up to a phase of physiological tiredness, after Pokermania and in particular the passion for Texas Hold’Em, had conquered Europe and Italy in the first place, during the last 10-15 years. There has been an explosion of television programs, documentaries, video tutorials and formats of all kinds, related to the game of poker. Popular culture also drew from this game, with often surprising and very valid results in terms of media visibility.

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