Trade Unions Serve The Purpose

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Generally, ‘Trade Union’ means the formal association on the workers or employees within an organization, a team of trades or profession formed to say the legitimate rights and promote their common interest i.e. welfare rules because of their own welfare. When the staff are the members, refer to it Employees or Labourers Union. If the those who own businesses join together, it is a ‘ Trade Association.’ Here we are planning to analyze the usefulness on the Employees Union on three counts.

1. Honesty matters. Employees and Employers/management both will gain in the event the Union leaders are honest and sincere within their approach. In the modern times, many with the leaders take sides using the management and strike secret deals to help promote their self-interest, but pretend to have achieved favors by compromising the welfare from the employees. For instance, the leaders claim success for agreeing into a 10% pay-rise from the original demand is 15%. On the contrary, the sincere leaders face a lot of troubles when they incur the wrath of management for not acceding on the latter’s wishes.

2. Morality suffers. Work culture gets spoiled, along with the production suffers affecting the full economy plus the standard of living. Generally, the leaders really are a liability because they hardly contribute towards the business income. These leaders incur costs during the course in the union activities, and the costs are borne because of the employees using a monthly subscription. Not only that, the productivity and morality have a hit any time a coterie develops about the leaders. For example, the work-loads from the leaders are passed on towards the already hard-working staff thus staring aforementioned morally.

3. Public money wasted. When the government formulates schemes for instance privatization, consolidation, mergers, and dis-investment, many leaders resist really should be trade union rather than in the best interest in the society. Consider the case of merger proposal for commercial banks within a country. The union leaders oppose such initiatives to offer the positions and power. Because if your entities are incorporated, there will probably exist one union having a set of leaders as you move the leaders on the dissolved institutions have zero option apart from the compulsion to be effective under the new union. When a merger is skipped, the executives, departments, and union leaders become redundant in each organization leading into a huge loss on the public exchequer. Moreover, the problem of many banks causes stiff and unfair competition most notable resulting inside misuse and abuse in the powers and resources, which again adversely affects the economy as well as the social welfare.

4. Politicization spoils. The moment a union gets affiliation to the political party, the union’s focus is lost. Because it should tow the lines on the outsider, overlooking the welfare of employees. There are instances once the owners have to wind up nokia’s due on the unfavorable labor conditions created because of the political outfits throughout the unions.

Unless the leaders in the unions remain true and sincere into their assignments, no appreciable benefits will accrue to your constituents with the union. In fact, the spirit of trade unionism may be saved only should the people within the front conduct themselves to foster faith and strength within the minds with the workforce. Collective interest will need to pass precedence on the individual.

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